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Learn French and Spanish Online or in a Classroom

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Take Online French and Spanish Language Classes for Adults 
All language courses are tailored to your goals, level and interests.

Whether you are learning Spanish or French to study, travel or work abroad, or want to start learning a language for fun, Literakid’s online courses will help you reach your goals. This is the perfect time to begin or refine your Spanish and French language skills through online instruction--communicating and learning just as you would in the classroom.

Our adult French and Spanish classes are taught one-on-one via Zoom or FaceTime by an experienced, encouraging teacher who is also a native speaker with a professional background. Language learning in this way ensures you receive the full attention of your teacher, make faster progress and your lessons can be customized to specific goals, for example preparing for an exam or a business meeting. 

Adult Spanish or French classes are 50 minutes in length, which allows ample time to share learning materials, practice speaking and focus on your lesson goals. Our teachers emphasize conversation, building vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation, and grammar for adult language learners. 

Pricing for classes is shown including discounts based on class frequency. 

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Engage Children Ages 3 and Up in Online French and Spanish Classes 
Help your children learn French or Spanish online, in the comfort of your home, with teachers who are carefully selected and trained to captivate your child’s attention and interest. 

Literakid teachers have over 12 years of experience teaching French and Spanish to children in preschools and other learning centers throughout Fairfield County. Our teachers know how to engage young children and keep their attention using a multidisciplinary, content-based format. 

Classes are 40 minutes in length, during which time our teachers take an active approach to learning French and Spanish online. Literakid instruction uses many and varied resources that focus on children’s natural curiosity about foreign language, creativity, experimenting with new ways to learn languages and having fun! 

It’s much easier for children to learn and retain French and Spanish when they are younger, before formal education begins. Now is the time for your child to start learning a language online via Zoom or Facetime. 

Pricing for classes is shown including discounts based on class frequency. 

Class Length:

6 Classes:

10 Classes:

25 Classes:
 40 minutes



Class Length:

5 Classes:

10 Classes:

25 Classes:
 50 minutes