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Literakid, LLC 
French and Spanish Language Programs

Literakid, LLC (203) 241-1522
After School Programs

Today, parents want to be certain they are making the best choice when choosing a language program for their children. Literakid will make your after-school organization or library more fun and interesting for them.

Literakid Programs have been offered in after-school organizations, community centers and libraries for the past eight years. 

LiteraKid programs can start any time during the school year in your school or Library. 

Children 6 to 12 years old, the lesson is 50 minutes with 10 children/Max. 

Tutoring for midldle and high school students: fill out the following Registration Form

Studies show that language learning provides a wonderful base for a child’s education, including higher SAT scores and enhanced basic skills performance. Our teachers are friendly, creative and enthusiastic they use games, songs, arts and crafts, and role-play to insure every child has fun! 
Greater opportunities for college and careers: 

Colleges now place an increasingly high value on knowledge of more than one language. As the admissions process becomes more competitive across the board, knowing a second or a third language adds a new dimension to an applicant's resume. And as the economy becomes more and more globalized, English-only becomes less and less of an option.